News: Shake & Stir theater co responds to claims made in a Facebook post by recently-dismissed cast member, Mr Linden Furnell.

green day

The musical, and the company’s Artistic Director, Nick Skubij, confirmed its position re Mr Furnell’s Facebook claims as follows:

Ahead of the Melbourne opening of American Idiot the musical, Mr Furnell was dismissed from his role in the musical.

Mr Furnell’s dismissal was a consequence of breaching the company’s ‘Statement of Zero Tolerance to Inappropriate Behaviour’ previously communicated to him and all other company members by company management.

The decision to dismiss Mr Furnell was not taken lightly.

Accordingly, and in the interests of a healthy and safe workplace, the company decided to act.

At the time of his dismissal, Mr Furnell advised in writing his acceptance of the termination.

For shake & stir theatre co, the well-being and safety of all our company members and all our employees is our top priority.


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