27 Listicle Series: In Capital

Overflowing with ’80s synthpop hooks and irresistible beats, In Capital’s debut album Human Isbridges the space between ambitious studio project and dance floor masterpiece with effortless stride. The first full-length release from Melbourne musicians Nick Jenkin and Cameron Ford, Human Is delivers a dopamine hit of pure music bliss as it winds its way from anthem to anthem.
We caught up with the lads to ask what their Top Five Albums of all time are.
#1) Tears for Fears – ‘Songs From The Big Chair’
This album is a masterpiece. Fact. Loaded with wall to wall class including ‘Shout’, ‘Head Over Heals’, ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ (which contains Cam’s favourite guitar break of all time) to name just a few; but it’s the swirling keys, guitar, and tribal undertones of the near-seven-minute closer, ‘Listen’, that takes us to a higher place. Hair goals. Synth goals. This is some serious 80’s wish-list stuff. Perfection.#2 Talk Talk – ‘The Colour of Spring
‘The Spirit of Eden’ landed on our turntable a few years ago and damn, when that guitar/distorted harmonica combo kicked-in during opener ’The Rainbow’, Mark David Hollis had us. The atmosphere is unparalleled. We don’t even really know what it is… like dark 80’s post-rock? Anyway, ‘The Spirit of Eden’ and ’The Colour Of Spring’ are like twins born two years apart. The latter being the slightly poppy-er little bro.

#3 Paul Simon – ‘Graceland’
This one runs deep, pushing aside literally being the first album we heard as we were learning to talk, it has African rhythms, harmonies, deft guitar work, infectious bangers and captivating storytelling wrapped up in an accessible Pop Music bow. Paul Simon is a genius.

#4 PJ Harvey – ‘Let England Shake’
This album sounds NOTHING like In Capital, but when we were writing our debut, ‘Human Is’, we’d often pump polar musical worlds between our ears. ‘Let England Shake’ was on high rotation. Such an incredible album, and as avid PJ fans, we’d say her zenith. (‘The Words That Maketh Murder’ = banger).

#5 Darkside – ‘Psychic’
A brooding, multi-faceted, almost upside-down/alien take on dance music, Nicolas Jaar alone is one of our faves but teamed with Dave Harrington they are like Dance Floor Upstarts (no one knew they existed, and they were gone too soon). Take some time to find the right time to listen to this, it’s worth it.

In Capital ‘Human Is’ Album Launch
Saturday March 17
Grace Darling Hotel, 114 Smith St, Collingwood
w/ Glass Diamonds, Zellen



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