Live Review: The Preatures

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The Preatures
Zoo Twilights Taronga Zoo

Cruisin’ down the scenic path of Taronga Zoo on the 9th of February, seeing beautiful animals and wildlife in their elements, the sun is setting and you’ve got that warm tingly feeling you get on a Friday afternoon after a long week at work. The funky sounds of The Creases becomes more prominent and then you get to the green and settle in with some cheese and wine to watch the cool, dorky guys with mullets do their amazing thing to set you up for a night with The Preatures.

The city’s landscape begins to glisten behind the stage as The Preatures start their show with a bang with “Girlhood”. Izzi Manfredi looks fierce in knee high boots and a cowboy hat, which she throws off dramatically on to the stage – she was representing some serious Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction vibes. The crowd started to fill in and the sound was so intense you could hear the reverb bouncing off the back fence.

Izzi’s vocals were powerful and punctured the warm night air. “Somebody’s Talking” got the crowd grooving in their seats and Jack Moffit pulled out a fiery and rhythmic electric guitar solo that got things a little more heated.

By “Cruel”, an upbeat, guitar heavy track, the sun had left us and a mosh-pit had formed at the front stage. The song had an energetic pulse to it and the crowd wasn’t afraid to dance on their feet now. Izzi introduced a woman who was shimmering in a red sequin dress. She delivered beautiful harmonies and continued to dance without hesitation until the end of the show. The bass guitar and the drums were so intense throughout the night that you could feel it in your chest – exactly how it should be.

The cheering became louder, the atmosphere became warmer and was filled to the brim with energy. There was so much movement on stage with Izzi consistently dancing or running on the spot and the guitarist waving his guitar over his head. Izzi exclaimed that she always writes “a soul song, but can never figure out how to sing it”. Well, she must have figured it out because her voice was always profound, dynamic and tirelessly filled with the essence of an empowering and strong woman. They played hit tracks, “Is This How You Feel” and “It Gets Better” which had the whole crowd on their feet.

Although Zoo Twilights at Taronga is such a vast space, The Preatures managed to create a small-theatre-style intimacy. The encore saw Izzi playing a solo piece on the keyboard under the spotlight. Before she sung she touched on the rough two years she’s had and pointed out that “the greatest thing we have is music”. She continued with a raw and pure love song and then, of course, “Yanada”, an incredibly meaningful track that touches on Australian culture and “great pain and great suffering”, yet does so in such a light-hearted and severely energetic way. A timeless and incredibly talented group.

Words by Kat Tame
Behind the lens Dominique Berns- Blackwell

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