News: In Capital drop new single Little Architect; launch debut album ‘Human Is’


Overflowing with ’80s synthpop hooks and irresistible beats, In Capital’s debut album Human Isbridges the space between ambitious studio project and dance floor masterpiece with effortless stride. The first full-length release from Melbourne musicians Nick Jenkin and Cameron Ford, Human Is delivers a dopamine hit of pure music bliss as it winds its way from anthem to anthem.

Opening with the mesmerising ambience of Universal Man, Human Is covers a tremendous amount of creative ground. Each song feels to continue on from the last, yet takes you to somewhere entirely new – from the synthwave perfection of Afterthoughts, to the gentle, rising strings of first single Little Architect. Following an uplifting Interlude, the album embarks upon its stirring second half… nestling the brooding C.O.A.L.A. and Dark Horse amidst NM’s smouldering remix of Underground. As the final note of the album’s beautiful closer Of A Fire On The Moon fades out, the grandeur of Human Is is impossible to deny.

Formed at a house party over a mutual love of music, In Capital has proven to be a fruitful musical partnership and friendship between Nick and Cam. As producers, writers and musicians, their instant and lasting chemistry has been the key to everything. With common goals, yet differing tastes in music, they manage to craft something beautiful and unique using a universal vocabulary.

With their first album complete, the pair are focusing all their energies on taking their live show far and wide, before knuckling down on album #2 next year. Always destined for the stage, the songs on Human Is blur any lines between indie, electronica and EDM – delivering an exciting hybrid that begs to be played as loud as it can go.

New single ‘Little Architect’ out now – debut album ‘Human Is’ out March 2
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