International Womens Day Special: Women in Music and the Women who inspire them: Natalie Foster ( Press Club)

Press Club P

Women in music are inspiring with their creativity, power and ability to make amazing music. Whether it be Janis Joplin with her raspy vocals, Kate Miller- Heidke’s ability to move audiences with her haunting vocals or Madonna’s brave stereotype smashing, women in music are amazing.

So today we are celebrating amazing women in music on International Women’s Day by asking amazing women in music who inspire them.

Press Club Frenetic and Raw. Melbourne’s Press Club is the coming together of four Brunswick natives. Their roots lay in a city in a state of flux, experiencing decay, demolition and development on a mass scale. Press Club is the musical embodiment of the attitude of a generation experiencing impermanence in every way.

Natalie Foster, Press Club’s lead singer gives us the Women who inspire her.


Ella Hooper from killing Heidi was one of the first female performers I remember looking up to. She was a punch in the face in the world of female pop stars that I was surrounded by.

My dad gave me the Chrissy Amphlett autobiography when I was a teenager cause he wanted me to learn more about the tough chicks that he used to listen to. Her attitude really grabbed my attention and resonated with me.

I still can’t go past a well written pop song, and Sia has written them all (almost).

Current aspiration, Alicia Bognanno of Bully is an awesome songwriter, engineer, performer and singer. Very high up on the list of bands I want to support.

Danae Effern – this legend is my absolute rock in the music industry. She is the manager (and fifth member) of Press Club that works harder than anyone I know.

Catch Natalie and the band at Smith Street Band Pool Party March 17


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