Live Review: Kate Miller-Heidke

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It seems fitting that under a blanket of stars at the Melbourne Zoo an angel has descended to sing for the crowd this evening. Dressed fittingly in a red dress and gold head piece the angelic Kate Miller-Heidke is nothing short of a goddess.

Her music is seemingly very autobiographical with songs such as ‘ Caught in the Crowd’ and ‘Sarah’ using the magic of music to bring together tales of regret and sadness, a longing to right the wrongs of past mistakes.

Her lyrics are fun and playful, each song beautifully sung with her classical training apparent.  ” Can’t Shake It” sings of her terrible dance moves, garnering laughs.

” Tried moving my body to the latest hit 
Someone called the nurse thought I was having a fit 
I execute the moonwalk like I stepped in shit” 

The evening is a delightful catalogue of music for fans of Miller-Heidke, and surprisingly we are also treated to a few songs from her award winning opera ‘The Rabbits‘, a stunning piece composed and starring Kate in the lead role. It is hauntingly beautiful to hear her sing the delicate pieces, her butterfly voice soaring into the evening.

Towards the end of the evening she has the crowd utterly speechless as she invites us to a hear a song never before played live by her and the band.  Starting slowly she achingly sings the Whitney Houston classic “ I wanna dance with somebody” taking it from the well known cheesy pop song of the 80s to a moving, sad haunting tune and possibly the best rendition of the song ever. Its a goose-bump- enducing moment that leaves the crowd in awe.

Saving the best for last with ‘ Last Day on Earth’ her break-out single, she leaves the stage to a well deserved standing ovation.  Never failing to impress, the gorgeous Goddess giving us all a night to remember.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey

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