Live Review: MOGWAI

mogwai-forum-018 copyMogwai
The Forum, Melboune

Scottish masters of post-rock Mogwai played at The Forum, Melbourne as part of their ninth studio album Every Country´s Sun tour.

Fans were delighted with a set relying heavily on the recent album but also visiting most of the back catalogue. The band sounded as powerful as ever, confirming their relevant status more than 20 years after their debut release .

Mogwai´s studio albums and multiple soundtracks have demonstrated their ability to embark listeners on a journey trough all sorts of ambiences. Despite the energy onstage it is easy to close your eyes and be momentarily transported to another place and state of mind. Quiet soundscapes and playful jams develop into incredibly complex layers of noise that climax in loud outbursts of rage and power.

“Hunted by a Freak” opens he night in a relaxing mood, “Party in the Dark” with its rare vocal tracks feels like an uplifting modern hymn. Midway trough the set “Don´t Believe the Fife” piano atmospherics grow into fast paced cathartic rock. The audience is struck by matching strobes that highlight the power and speed of replacement drummer Cat Myers; who adds an extra dimension of intensity to the Glasgow act.

Old poisons riffs recall an earlier Mogwai from the 90´s. “Encore Remurdered” transports us to a digital future dystopia while 16 minute epic Mogwai “Fear Satan” takes us on the final journey of the night. A very quiet one that builds patiently into a violent explosion before descending back into agonizing sounds. Each band member exits the stage slowly, and slowly too, we are brought back to reality.

Images and Words by Gus Morainslie

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