Live Review: Rodrigo Y Gabriela




Rodrigo y Gabriela
The Forum, Melbourne

Two years on from their last visit, guitar virtuoso’s Rodrigo y Gabriela returned to play in Melbourne as part of their 2018 Australian tour, having already played WOMADelaide  it was time for the duo to treat Melbourne to some classical guitar from the cross-genre duo.

The Mexican duo displayed once again their impressive technical skills and fiery spirit, alongside the speed and dynamism from their heavy metal days.

“Hola ¿Cómo estás Melbourne?” Is the first we hear from Gabriela, whose charming personality and big smile woos the crowd everytime she speaks “We haven´t played in a while. We have a lot of songs and I hope we don´t fuck up!”

And surely they didn´t. Music from their 5 studio albums highlighting Diablo Rojo, Ixtapa, Hanuman, Torito, and fan favourite Tamacun got the audience at the Forum cheering from start to finish. Covers like Metallica’s Orion, Jazz standard Take Five, and Rage against the Machine´s Killing in the name of, proved how resourceful the musicians are.

Fans craving for new music were not disappointed as three songs from the upcoming album were debuted giving the audience delightful taste of what is to come for the Mexican duo, promising that after a few years of working hard and a few false starts they finally have an album they love to be released soon.

With the duo delivering what can only be described as an electrifying performance they have given the crowd an evening to remember, and as patrons shuffled out of the venue and with a smile on their faces after a passionate performance and the promise of a new album and tour to Australian shores.

Words and Images by Gus  Morainslie


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