Live Review: Gabriel Vargas


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Gabriel Vargas
The Croxton Front Room

There was little room to move as Gabriel Vargas made his way through the crowd at the Croxton Front room for the launch of his new single ‘Like Wolves’. The room having been smudged in a traditional Native American ceremony to ward off any negative energy, adding a certain calm to the atmosphere.

With a voice like sugar and guitar skills to match he smoothly croons his way through the set with ease. He takes moments here and there to talk, laugh about how the rehearsals have been done over the phone and tell stories about the songs. He throws in a few covers, namely a very beautiful rendition of Jeff Martin’s ” The Maker”, which suits his honeyed voice quite remarkably.

His songs ” I love you”, ” The Traveler”, ” Tell Her” and the single ” Like Wolves” show his capability as a song writer, his ability to evoke deep emotion a rare gift, and the arrangements on his 12- string suit each lyric with perfection.

Paintings of Vargas and American Indian scenery adorn the venue, a wolf mask hangs overhead silently watching the proceedings. As he plays his songs tell stories, of a man with a deep ancient soul who has found a place to share his art with those lucky enough to be in his space this evening.

With the single ” Like Wolves” being released recently, here is hoping that an EP will shortly follow. Gabriel Vargas has managed to captivate the room, hold everyone mesmerized and it will be exciting to hear what he does next.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey


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