the bennies (6 of 10)

The Smith Street Band Pool House Party
Coburg Velodrome, Melbourne

It pays to be in a band and have a heap of other cool friends that are also in bands if you want to chuck the biggest Pool House Party in Melbourne, and chuck it in a velodrome at that.

Gathered together in what was a giant dust bowl of sorts, the best and most fun bands in Melbourne smashed out one epic day. If Pagan were not able to get things warmed up by chugging wine on stage, then don’t stress because the bad ass Nat of Indie rockers Press Club took things up a notch. ” Buy some fuckin merch” screams Nat at the top of her lungs, but in all honesty she probably doesn’t give a fuck if you don’t – just have a good time.

Over underneath the Ferris wheel Floridian native and rap legend Astronautalis was popping rhymes and a few neck veins for his impressive set. The talented musician rapping with not much more than a microphone and some dope beats. Jess Locke calmed things down a bit with a more relaxed set, before Waxx jumped right up there in everyone’s faces.

As usual the gorgeous Bec Sandridge was a darling on stage, her signature moves and quirky songs a crowd-pleaser. She moves about, guitar in hand eyeing off the festival frenzy before her, whipped up with her popular single ‘ I’ll never want a boyfriend’

Ecca Vandal got the crowd dancing and proved entertaining as she danced her way through her set, Ceres making sure they’d got everyone well and truly pumped. She plays to the whole crowd, not forgetting anyone and is a frenzy of energy.

The fun loving tights- wearing, weed smoking awesome band The Bennies are a Melbourne festival staple and so much fun to watch you want to grab the person next to you and either jump really high in the air or smoke a spliff, its hard to choose.

With the Smith Street band bringing it home amidst a storm of beer, cider and any possible projectile thrown at the stage the day has been an enormous success and as people head home, they’re all probably hoping this will be an annual event.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey

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