‘Who We Are’ by Weesp: more juicy sounds from the upcoming ‘Black Sails’ album. We’ve already seen two releases by rockers Weesp: ‘illumination’ and ‘Not Over’ singles that clearly showed how the band is taking a completely new route in their music. And now it’s time to enjoy one more brand-new single ‘Who We Are’ before the ‘Black Sails’ album release!  

This song combines resilient sludge with hammering and thunderous riffing, filling you with exuberant energy. ‘Who We Are’ is a play of light and darkness, it’s an explosive burst of light in the midst of despair and it seems as sudden but so much needed understanding of the whole existence. According to the band, ‘Who We Are’ name speaks on its own. No matter what you do, or have done, what you say, or how you look like, the only thing that really matters is who you are right now. We are not saying that we discovered some philosophical revelation. 
This song is about the second, the moment, the feeling that really matters and you realize that the moment you hear the single. This song is a story about one simple idea. This is a story about how we find our own path and realize ‘Who We Are’. The single is OUT NOW! In addition to that the band also promises to release another official music video soon!  
The ‘Black Sails’ album will be out on April 5 and on April 15 already Weesp will be holding a huge and beyond awesome presentation in Minsk. The band is inviting its fans-sailors to join them under the black sails and share the journey together with the gang! 


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