27 Listicle Series: SHIVA AND THE HAZARDS

Shiva and The Hazards colour low res

In the physical world, Shiva and the Hazards were formed in Melbourne Australia earlier this decade by Douglas Hind and Leigh Baines. The pair then relocated to the U.K.  the land of their previous colonial occupiers, full of ambition and naivety.

Following their return to Melbourne, Shiva and the Hazards are planning to finish what they started. The band are now joined by Baines’ former collaborator, singer- songwriter and guitarist Jet O’Rourke (The Gear), to propel the release of their first collection of music, aptly titled, ‘Future Cult Classics

With the new music video East India Empress having a 70s vintage feel we asked the band to tell us what they loved the 70s and what they would bring back. 

Ah to be more carefree.
We are driven by the wrong things now.
Activities/clothes/treats  we’d bring back 
– Male jumpsuits which flare of course
– Lawn darts
– Having sex at the drive in
– Buying ciggies for my parents
– Free music festivals
– A bag of lollies for 20c
– more mystery – no internet
– 8 track tapes in the car
– portable record player that folds up into a little suitcase
– Skivvies
– More trust in general
Best bands… (releases in the 70’s)
– Led Zeppelin
– Pink Floyd
– The Who
– Bowie
– Bee Gees
– Elvis Costello
– Rolling Stones
– Creedence
– The Stooges
– The Clash
– Star Wars
– Chinatown
– Jaws
– The Phone box
– A clockwork orange
– The exorcist
– The Sting
– Taxi Driver

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