Album Review: Shiva and the Hazards ‘future cult classics’


Shiva and The Hazards colour low res

Shiva and the Hazards ‘future cult classics’

How hard is it to make a diverse record that still sounds coherent as a whole?

It’s a struggle many bands fail to master.

Shiva and the Hazards from Melbourne are none of them. With their debut EP Future Cult Classics, Shiva and the Hazards managed to create a great multifaceted record including four completely different songs that still come down to a certain corporate sound. And the title won’t fail to keep its word.

The EP opens with their lead single East India Empress whose funky intro riff is evocative of the Cornershops song Brimful of Asha. East India Empress has certainly psychedelic qualities which reminds on early Pink Floyd or Tame Impala and switches between bemused verses, heavy choruses and strong chord progressions in between. Shiva and the Hazards created here a catchy banger which doesn’t seem get boring anytime soon. Thanks to a couple of dynamical shifts and a complex but not overly intellectual song structure East India Empress won’t fail to impress with great variety.

False Prophets, by contrast, is more of a blues rock song which focuses on a smashing acoustic guitar throughout the song. On Queen without a King Shiva and the Hazards stick to the acoustic guitar and came up with a entirely acoustic song. The cozy and dreamy guitar picking gives you a slight Brit pop feeling which makes you think of when Sticky Fingers were covering DMA’s Delete. Compared to the first to songs singer Doug explores a different scope, singing way smoother.

The EP finally finishes with My Dear Mary Anne, a hypnotic Shoegaze/Dreampop tune with a static Drum’n’Bass drumbeat. With this last song Shiva and the Hazards wander on the path of Sleep Party People and The Naked And Famous.

Shiva and the Hazards show on their debut EP that they’re able to operate on a wide scale across different genres without making it sound any weird, but very natural. All in all they created here a psychedelic and dreamy masterpiece which keeps you even more excited the more you listen to it. It’s definitely a record that will rotate on the music device of your choice for quite a bit!

Like they said… Future Cult Classics.

Words by Tim Fischer

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