Arig has released her new single Mama Said ahead of her upcoming EP “Attrition” set for release on Friday, April 27th.

Mama Said is a truly inspiring piece reflecting on the short-comings of home life and trying to fight your way through the emotional pain; blooming with Arig’s honeyed vocals, melodic synths and riveting beats.

“I never had the beautiful upbringing that I wished for. My mother was the cause of most of my physical, emotional and spiritual pain and confusion in life. But perception is power. She showed me how to be everything that I didn’t want to be. And that is her greatest gift to me,” said Arig.

The track took time in it’s creation as Arig experienced many setbacks in writing the lyrics, forming a background beat and a rhythm that would showcase her feelings for everyone to understand.

“Mama Said is one of the songs I did a lot of writing for. I spent a lot of nights getting drunk with the beat on repeat until sun up trying to figure out how to get out the angst and pain that I was feeling towards my Mum. But, when I let go of trying to get it right and I just got on the mic it all just came out.”

Mama Said is the third track from Arig’s upcoming EP release “Attrition” set for Friday April 27th, following on the amazing success of her first released track 77.


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