_Mama Alto credit Alexis Desaulniers-Lea

Stonnington Jazz is firmly established as an important event on the national jazz calendar and runs from May 10- 20 bringing out variety of Australian artists based in Melbourne, interstate and internationally, both established names and those in the early stages of their careers, and across a pleasingly wide range of jazz styles.

Mama Alto – jazz singer, cabaret artiste and gender transcendent diva.


Who is your ultimate Jazz Hero & Why?

The ultimate jazz hero… For me, it’s the legendary Billie Holiday.


Best Australian Jazz musician?

With such a wealth of talent, how could I pick just one? But as a top six… The marvellous Don Burrows, the effervescent Steve Sedergreen, the pioneering Georgia Lee, the wise Bob Sedergreen, the sublime Bridgette Allen and the stunning Wilma Reading.


Fave Jazz venue to play?

Every venue has its charms.


Last Jazz Record you played?

“Lady in Satin” – Billie Holiday.


Vinyl or Digital?

The warmth of vinyl is unbeatable, but god bless the convenience of digital.


Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone?

I love Ella for her ingenuity and I love Nina for her fire.


Event you’re most looking forward to catching at Stonnington Jazz Festival?

Judy Bailey – yet again, Stonnington bringing us the living legends of Australian jazz.


Why should we come see your show?

Ever since the art of jazz singing began, jazz singers have interpreted the popular songwriters of their times – Tin Pan Alley, the Gershwins, and even the Beatles and Sting. How exciting that we get to do the same today by casting our minds to the immense compositional talents of Björk, one of the most distinctive songwriters of our time!


Mama Alto appears on Bjork: Interpreted – A reworking of Bjorks catalogue
At Chapel Off Chapel on Thur 17 May 


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