News: BATS DROP New Single and Vinyl Release ‘BEIRUT ‘



‘Beirut’ is the latest offering from BATS; a slightly more upbeat tune than the rest of their debut LP, ‘Truthless Faithless’, yet no lighter in subject matter. The song focuses on the always-present pull of society that tells us to “fit in”.

“The song is about the impending doom for some, of fitting in with modern society and the conscious decision to get outta here. Why go to Beirut you ask? Well why not.”
– Michael Paver (vocals)

Beirut follow’s on from previous singles “Truthless” and “Tarantula”.

“The brilliant slow-builder which shuffles between sludgy weirdness and far bigger, riff-led theatrics serves as the teasing intro for Truthless Faithless – Rolling Stone
“That guitar into hooked me in. I stayed. I liked”
4 stars – Richard Kingsmill

The band is gearing up for a run of shows through April which includes a South West tour of WA, culminating in the Official Vinyl release on May 19th with an “in store” gig at Rhubarb Records in Leederville, Perth, with SHAUS and ABORTED TORTOISE as supports.

To celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Truthless faithless’ BATS are gonna be playing at Rhubarb Records – Vinyl Cafe!

The members of BATS are a roll call of esteemed Perth musicians: Michael Paver (The Scotch of Saint James, The Slim Pickins), Jozef Grech (The Infidels, Project Mayhem), Pete Acklin (The Volcanics), Tim Stacey (High Horse, Ruby Boots), and Tim Hamzah (The Scotch of Saint James, The Belle Ends).
Having successfully launched their Debut EP in 2016 BATS have been in the studio crafting out a masterful albeit heavy album set for release in October 2017 titled “Truthless Faithless”. The record touches on subjects such as discontentment with self and the greater populous. “Truthless Faithless” sees a slightly heavier sound emerge from the bats camp be it in both tone and subject matter.
Without clear ties to any era or influence, 24 Hours is a psychedelic, growling recipe for creating the deepest of vibes. With lyrical clarity and distinct vocals, the single neither tries too hard nor does it shy away from packing a punch, crisp in its attention to detail.

“24 Hours rips and shreds with charging guitar work and howling vocals, combining with some frenzied drum work to give one of the more impressive alt-rock songs to come from this side of the country in a while now.”
Bats have a vibe of neo-psychedelia; a swirling, almost stoned energy that is made up of guitar, bass, drums and vocals awash in distortion, reverb and emotion alike. Dynamics build and flow, ranging from ether-like lulls to fully crashing rock’n’roll, soulful yet crushingly tight.


Bats – ‘Truthless Faithless’ Vinyl Launch Party


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