27 Listicle Series: SLOW TALK


slow talk

Melbourne’s Slow Talk are today releasing their gorgeous new single “New Vernacular”, the title track of their EP, out April 27. This new single is about realizing a burning desire to experience new things, explore the world and escape the monotony of daily life.

We caught up with the guys to find out their Top 5 Music Videos

Top 5 Music Videos  with Slow Talk

    1. The 1975 – Robbers

James and Ash: Sex, drugs and the epitome of cool, Matty Healy, in a modern day Bonnie & Clyde interpretation. Say no more.


    1. Northlane – Citizen

James: When I grow up I want to have my own sick Jason Eshraghian performance video. The camera work, the imagery, effects… As far as ‘white room’ rock clips go, Citizen is untouchable.

          1. Childish Gambino – Sweatpants ft. Problem

James: An oldie but a goodie. Maybe it’s just me fetishising American imagery in some way but I find the imagery really visually enticing despite its simplicity. For the photography aficionados out there, certain moments give off an almost Gregory Crewdson feel, creating tension and narrative from almost mundane situations. I’m a sucker for that stuff.

          1. James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier




Ash: This is an absolute whirling of emotions. It has everything from stark realism that puts your heart on the ocean floor, to beautiful and perplexing splendour that puts you above the clouds. The sleazy lighting in the brothel always fascinated me, it becomes completely reiterated and given new context by the song. I can’t not mention the flag scene too – sublime





Seoul – Stay With Us

Ash: I always got a foreign feel from this video. The wandering of the city and catching the subway alone gives reassurance in solitude. The timing of the full band entering with the train going past is almost physiological, as if you feel the breeze too. I’m a huge fan of low light filming and gentle visuals, and the strobe lights tick even more boxes.  


Based in Melbourne, Australia, the pair has been writing in tandem since 2014, sharing a love for emotionally expressive music and progressive songwriting. The pair are influenced by bands like Citizen, Circa Survive, Gleemer, Emarosa, and Turnover – and on a composition level, inspired by bands like Gang of Youths, Bon Iver, and The National. Slow Talk’s DIY approach has seen the pair oversee not only the musical production of their songs but the construction of the band’s visual and auxiliary content as well.

Slow Talk‘s EP ‘New Vernacular’ will be released on Friday April 27 and is available for Pre-Order now on iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp. For more information, go to http://www.slowtalk.com.au.

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