Album Review: Kylie Minogue ‘GOLDEN’


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Golden is the latest release from the Eternal Princess of Pop, Kylie Minouge and  is Kylie’s first studio album in four years, and her fourteenth studio album in a record breaking career. The album was mainly recorded in Nashville, which was a first for Kylie- and the country influence sure has its impact on this album.

Opening with the catchy lead single “Dancing” the album starts off promising
to be another high- octane dance album from Kylie. However, the influence of recording in Nashville for the first time seems to have had quite an impact and as the album progresses, there is a distinct country feel.

“Shelby ‘68” and slow starter “Radio On” are where the Nashville influence comes out the strongest, the latter being a slower ballad in the style of Faith Hill and is a refreshing change of pace.

Having recently split from her fiancée it would have been easy for Kylie to make an album of regret- drenched clichéd love ballads, lamenting the loss. But, for anyone that has followed her career and personal life over the years, that kind of album would not be her style. In this album she shows that she is the kind of Queen that picks herself up, straightens her crown and just gets on with it.

Even with “One Last Kiss” she isn’t angry – just a little wistful about the past and it’s a positive spin on heartbreak. She laments that there isn’t much she can do, but to just keep going. It’s a classy way to say goodbye to old love and shows a mature Kylie. Its admirable that she hasn’t recorded an album full of anger and regret unlike many of her contemporaries. With the slower “Music is too sad without you” she still has the ability to make love seem like a beautiful lesson, teaming up with Jack Savoretti for the beautiful ballad.

Lead single “Dancing” is sure to become the summer hit for the clubs in Ibiza, anthemic in its production and ever so catchy. Its signature Kylie, full of pep and catchy hooks to make you want to do what the title suggest- dance. Not to be overlooked, the equally fun “Raining Glitter” is another to make shake your hips, when the beat drops.

The album overall is a lot of fun with a mix of high octane dance hits and slower reflective numbers, and it has a lot of heart. Hats off to Kylie for making an album that celebrates life and love, for picking herself up and straightening her crown and doing so with grace and dignity.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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