News: Breakthrough R&B singer-songwriter Madison Paris releases highly anticipated second single ‘Excuse’

Madison Paris is an R&B singer-songwriter making waves in the UK with her enchanting vocals and R&B influenced soul. Her second single, “Excuse” is out on Friday 20th April.
With a sound compared to Jhene Aiko, Solange and Kehlani, Madison Paris’ latest single is a fusion of mesmerising yet gritty vocals, mixed with hip-hop inspired beats. She has teamed up with producers Miguel London and Michelin Shin on this track, whose credentials include working alongside Tiggs Da Author, Belly Squad, JME, Lefa, Jordan Morris and more!
Inspired by disappointments in previous relationships, both platonic and romantic, “Excuse” is an honest and raw tune that many people can relate to, and is the first track she created with Miguel London and Michelin Shin.
Madison says:  “I think we sometimes unintentionally create a lot of obstacles for ourselves. If you really want to be with someone, you’ll make the time. That’s what inspired the line in the song: ‘the only thing that’s stopping you is you’. This track is about being tired of someone who always has an excuse.
“Excuse” is written from a perspective of constantly suppressing those feelings, and then letting them loose and cutting the cord. To me, I identify it with taking back the power from someone who constantly disappoints you and lets you down. Being strong enough to tell them you’ve had enough, and knowing you deserve better!”
With her EP set to be released later this year – which will include features from Bobii Lewis and Micah Million – this single, and its empowering meaning, sparked the body of the project.
Madison focuses deeply on love and disappointment in this track and says that “anything that comes from an honest place can often be challenging. It’s like volunteering to be vulnerable but I think that owning and resolving those feelings through music and creative expression is personally so rewarding!”
With support from The Beat London, Vibe 107.6 Watford, Harriet Rose at Fubar Radio and Noctis Magazine and recently performing at Eric Festival at Somerset House in March 2018, Madison Paris is set for big things.
“Excuse” is the follow up to Madison’s debut release last winter: ‘More’. Watch out for her first official music video on 29th April for “Excuse”.

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