News: Sola Rosa drops new single, ‘Leave A Light On’, and announces EP release date

Andrew Spraggon

Sola Rosa releases the new single ‘Leave A Light On’ – an effortlessly
cool and soulful track that makes way for the upcoming release of the
Kiwi act’s new EP, “In Spaces”, due for release on May 18.
Fronted by New Zealand music stalwart, Andrew Spraggon, Sola Rosa
once again pushes into new sonic landscapes with ‘Leave A Light On’,
which features British singer Kevin Mark Trail (The Streets) and the
unmistakable voice of Kiwi powerhouse, L.A. Mitchell.
“‘Leave A Light On’ was written and recorded in my home studio in
Auckland over a previous summer by myself and keyboardist Michal
Martyniuk (Nathan Haines) with electric bass and guitar added by
local legends Matt Short and Dixon Nacey,” says Spraggon.

“I love this track for Kevin’s mantra like vocals and L.A. Mitchell’s
celestial chorus. There’s an effortless charm to it, a simplicity. I also love
the remixes on this EP.”
– Andrew Spraggon (AKA “Sola Rosa”)


“In Spaces”, which is due for release on May 18, builds on Sola Rosa’s
trademark fusion of genres, from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, latin
and funk. It includes the already released tracks ‘So Fly’, which also
features Kevin Mark Trail, who rose to prominence in the early 2000s
working with The Streets, and ‘Back To You’, featuring rising Kiwi
sensation Noah Slee.
The record is Sola Rosa’s fifth EP and sits alongside seven full-length
albums, as well as a handful of hits, including the iconic 2009 tune ‘Del
Ray’, which has amassed more than 2.5 million plays on Spotify and
‘Turn Around’, feat. Iva Lamkum, which has clocked more than one
million plays.

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