Single Review: Madison Paris ‘ Excuse’


Madison Paris is an R&B singer-songwriter making waves in the UK with her enchanting vocals and R&B influenced soul. Her second single, “Excuse” is out on Friday 20th April.

Madison releases the dreamy new single ‘ Excuse’ , a floaty single and  is the follow up to Madison’s debut release last winter: ‘More’. Its wistful and endearing all at the same time. With polished production and a great beat its melancholic at times and beautifully written.

It speaks of the struggles of falling in love with the wrong guy, showing a vulnerability that is bitter sweet and ever so relatable.  Its fragile yet strong all at the same time, allowing the listener to feel those pangs of regret and yearning. Its not an anger, more just a wistfulness and longing tinged with a certain sadness that has a beauty to it.

With sensual vocals and sultry tones this single is already making waves in the UK and it is sure to make waves across the globe.

With support from The Beat London, Vibe 107.6 Watford, Harriet Rose at Fubar Radio and Noctis Magazine and recently performing at Eric Festival at Somerset House With her EP set to be released later this year – which will include features from Bobii Lewis and Micah Million.



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