News: JØUR releases standout single “American Nightmare”

La_Famos_JOUR 2 (Alyssa Justice Photography)

Initially written about her struggles with trying to indulge the dream of a 9-5 job with a white house and picket fence, the song took on new life with the election of Donald Trump the subsequent state of the union. “I truly felt our country was not able to wake up from the nightmare it had made for itself,” JØUR explains.  “It’s hard for me to detach the song from our current national situation and all the uncertainty many Americans feel including myself as we navigate these complex waters of social issues and the circus on Capitol Hill.”

JØUR is contrast. head vs heart. light vs dark. clear vs obscure. minimalism vs complexity. analog vs electronic. All of these elements, often pitted against each other, find themselves simultaneously alive and true in a beautiful paradox on JØUR’s debut record Chiaroscuro. In the space between loud and quiet, power and serenity, JØUR dances boldly yet delicately. Her deeply contemplative lyrics are framed in accessible alt-pop sensibilities and beats. Songs which ask the questions of life’s purpose or express doubts about the future are yet winsome and inviting as JØUR’s vocals flit between angelic delicacy and explosive power. Pairing electronic minimalism with elegant musical composition, JØUR achieves what is both timeless and relevant.

JØUR is an active performer in her local Twin Cities music scene, and is the co-founder of the Good Arts Collective, a local collaborative arts organization that seeks to empower artists to transition from hobbyists to professionals. In addition to being a musician, JØUR is a visual artist, using her creativity in graphic design, photography, and painting.

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