[Live Review] Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons-15 Imagine Dragons
Brisbane Riverstage
September 5 :

Triple J winners British India warmed up the 5,000 strong crowd at the Brisbane Riverstage as an eclectic mix of young hipsters, parents and children came out to see Imagine Dragons perform under the stars on the warm spring evening.

The Las Vegas natives proved that they had what it takes to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Fists pumped in unison thrusting into the night sky as revellers danced with abandon, clearly loving each and every song.

Lead singer Dan Reynolds is a ball of energy as he runs up and down the stage area, engaging with the crowd as much as possible. It is clear they are loving it and the atmosphere is almost like being at a Church, Reynolds giving the sermon through song and inspiring lyrics. He delivers a hypnotic performance and the energy never flags for one second.

imagine dragons-12

Performing songs from their debut album and recent release  ” Smoke & Mirrors” uplifting songs ‘Polaroid’ and ‘ Amsterdam’ sound almost better live than recorded. Reynolds has a flawless voice with vocal range that is varied and he seems to be one of the rare performers that can carry a sound from recording to live with no hitches. Throwing in a cover of Midnight Oil’s ‘ Beds are Burning’ is a smart move and has the crowd enraptured. A slowed down version of Alphaville’s song ‘Forever Young’ ( made famous by Youth Group) is the only other cover they sing for the evening. ‘ On Top of the World’ has the whole audience clapping along to the infectiously fun song.

Finishing the night with ‘ Radioactive’ Reynolds raises the atmosphere up another level, every voice in the crowd singing in unison. So loved is the song the
enthusiastic crowd sing the opening bars before the official start of the song. It brings down the house to close the night.

Imagine Dragons have delivered an all ages friendly show under a blanket of Brisbane stars that has had every heart in the field bursting with joy. Dan Reynolds may say that he and the band have fallen in love with Australia, but it is clear by the reactions that the feeling is mutual.