Interview: Oh Villain

oh villan

Oh/Villain began their careers on an impressive high, having already played some of their biggest shows in the earliest parts of their career. The Sydney-based five-piece have impressively created a sound that entwines post-hardcore riffs and vocals with beautiful melodies and beat-down hooks, throwing a spin on the traditional foundations of everything there is to love about the post-hardcore movement.

We sat down with them recently for a chat about music and what’s up next for the band.

How did you guys form a band?

Oh/Villain formed about halfway through 2012. It begun as the result of an old band falling apart and a few of the members decided it was time for a fresh start. We spent quite a while changing and developing our sound as well as going through quite an extensive line up change. However, that has led us to the Oh/Villain that everyone is about to get very familiar with.

Who are your main music influences?

Each of us has very different musical tastes and I feel that definitely shows in our particular sound. Bands like Saosin, Underoath, Bring Me the Horizon, Dance Gavin Dance and Everytime I Die are definitely some of our favourites in terms of sounds that we love.

How is the recording process going and what’s it like being in the studio?

The studio for us is a really comfortable place. Having worked with Rohan at Broken Sound on a few releases in the past, we knew each other’s dynamic and it all came pretty easy. We kept hitting speed bumps and setbacks that kept delaying the EP’s release but it came as a sort of blessing in disguise. We are now in a better place to release the tracks with a more full effect. If we had tried to rush it and get it out as quick as possible instead of really taking our time to make sure we did everything right, it may have fallen short of what we hoped for it to achieve, but we’re stoked for the finished product and can’t wait for it to be released.

What themes is the new album going to explore?

Themes of love, loss, disappointment, anger, grief and acceptance are all covered throughout the course of the EP. It’s definitely a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I guess that’s where the idea for ‘Pilot’ stemmed from. We were all trying to find our feet and foundations not only as a band but as individuals, so the EP could be seen as a testament to that.

Describe your sound in three words?

Craig David Grooves

Why should people come to your shows and what can they expect?

I feel like we offer a sound that sits slightly outside ‘the standard’ of what is expected in our genre. We are five dudes that all have diverse backgrounds in music and I think it shows in our songs and live performance. Plus our vocalist Julian has been wearing a dashiki on stage lately. So you can come check that out

What is up next for Oh/Villain?

For now we are just focused on getting the most we can out of the release of this EP. It’s been a long time in the making and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to listen and experience it. We also want to provide as much of an opportunity for people to hear the tracks live, so there is definitely an emphasis on playing/touring these songs.

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