27 Listicle Series: Lilah


As part of the 27 Listicles series we’re asking our fave musicians to tell us about their fave musicians.  This week Lilah share her ultimate listicle of essential music.
After growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Lilah – aka Zoe Ward – moved to Brisbane at 17 to explore her love of music. It was there she found her love for all things electronic and ambient, which quickly began to inform her song writing. Combined with formative influences from ambient and pop acts like Sigur Rós, Flume and The 1975, Lilah was born. Having previously performed under the moniker Indigo Daze, Ward was named an artist to watch by Tone Deaf alongside Gold Class, Yeo, Food Court, Baro, Friendships and more.


Ambient/electronic multi-instrumentalist LILAH is pleased to return with her sophomore single ‘Pushed Your Hands’. The follow up to her debut single ‘Hold Me’ released earlier this year, ‘Pushed Your Hands’ takes a darker turn for the Brisbane-based musician, and is available on all streaming services.

Check out Lilah’s ultimate listicle of her fave bands


  1. Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    I am obsessed with this band! These guys have been on repeat on my Spotify lately but one song in particular really gets me. The voice, the lyrics, the instrumentation, everything is so raw and honest. These guys are for sure taking on the world and I am so proud they are from Brisbane.
    This is by far my favourite song from their album Revival: ‘Living Water’
  2. Seavera
    Some may say this gem is from Melbourne but her greatness began in Brisbane right next to me in our old little loft apartment (well at least that’s when I got to start witnessing it). My beautiful best friend Tori plays under the name Seavera with Dan (Melbourne) is for sure one of my favourite hometown artists. We first met studying music together and I remember the first time I ever heard her play. I knew she was going to go far – no one writes songs like her! My favourite released song of theirs would have to be Caving, but you are in for a serious treat when their EP comes out very soon.
  3. The Kite String Tangle.
    What a talented multi-instrumentalist and incredible vocalist Danny is. I remember first hearing “Given the Chance” when I was interning at a music PR company and thinking “shit, this is good, who is this!?” Everything he makes is gold and the live shows are even better. The first time I saw him play was on a little stage at my old favourite Alhambra, I’ll claim that as the best show only because of how intimate a show can be in a small space once an artist becomes huge and is playing massive venues. Lovely person, talented to the core. Favourite song: Arcadia from his 2014 EP vessel.


  1. Emma Louise.
    That voice. I get chills every time I hear Emma sing. I find her songs to be so beautifully written, but what I love the most is the complete raw emotion you hear in her voice. There is something so real about her music but with a twist of magic, I find it quite enchanting. Everything Emma has created is unique and unlike any artist I have ever listened to. My favourite song of all time by her is Illuminate from her 2016 album ‘Supercry.’ This song is seriously beautiful and speaks to me more than any song ever has, the lyrics are so empowering but so vulnerable, absolute masterpiece.

    5. The Japanese Wallpaper
    Another absolute talent to come from Brisbane. So talented for someone so young, the production is top and I would absolutely love to work with him one day. There is a uniqueness to his music, it’s really soft and not in your face but it’s so memorable and sticks with you in such a nice way. My favourite song is definitely ‘Between Friends.’ I played this song on repeat countless times on my flight to London last year and could easily say I’ve probably listened to this song over 500 times.

Make sure to do your dusty ears a favor and have a listen to LILAH’s new track ‘ Pushed your hands’ on all digital retailers now.


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