Acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Abbe May will be setting off on a massive eight date tour in 2018 in support of her long-awaited album ‘Fruit’ to be released on Friday, February 2.

Abbe will be taking to the stage in Perth, Adelaide, Dunsborough, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Newcastle through February and March, with more dates to be announced.

Featuring the latest single Love Decline, ‘Fruit’ will be Abbe’s first album, since coming out earlier this year and it is set to be the most open and honest offering from the previously guarded songstress.

“‘Fruit’ is a declaration of identity,” said Abbe. “These songs are stories from my life. Some true, some exaggerated, but always for a purpose. I don’t want to hide anymore. I am proud and ‘Fruit’ is my way of showing my face without shame.”

To celebrate the huge news, Abbe has released a sneak peek at the artwork for ‘Fruit’ and announced pre-orders of the album will receive the track Oh, Babylon early.

Fan’s who pre-order the album will be gifted with an exclusive early taste of what is to come with Oh! Babylon; a track about a defining moment in Abbe’s career.

“I remember being quite serious about lyrical integrity and wanting to construct a very visual song about a very stormy love affair. I was young and hadn’t quite learned to back myself completely,” said Abbe.

“One of my collaborators absolutely shat all over the song, saying it was really lame and that I would be making a big mistake releasing it, so I left it as I was not sure of myself then as I am now. I know now, everyone has an opinion but I don’t have to listen.”

“I back myself now and have a good sense for when an alternate or challenging opinion serves me or is just a bit useless to the creative process.”

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