27 Listicle Series: Genus Ordinis Dei

Genus Ordinis Dei

Genus Ordinis Dei were established in 2011 from a circle of friends residing in the same town (Crema, Italy).

The line-up is composed by the four co-founder members: Nick K (Vox & Guitars), Tommy Mastermind (Guitars & Orchestra), Steven F. Olda (Bass), Richard Meiz (Drums). Every band member comes from an academic music background; they studied and graduated in some of the best music academy in Italy.

We caught up with the band to discover their  gnarliest  Top Five Touring Stories.



  • During the “The Fallen Tour” 2013 we were playing in Nevers (FR) and the promoter gave us a rehearsal room as accommodation. We found out that we have been locked inside for the whole night and we spent like 3 hours trying to escape. We failed.


  • We broke the turbo of our van in Belgium after our last show of the tour and we came back to italy at 70km/h speed for the whole run…fun fact: we had to climb the mountains in Switzerland and it’s been crazy.


  • During a show in our hometown we were playing “Battlefield Gardener”, a song from our first We don’t really know who messed up first but suddenly everyone were playing a different part. We play with the click and the sequences so Richard stopped the player and we did like a minute of double bass random thrash. After the show Tommy confessed us he wanted to fake a collapse on stage to close the song with style. We never played that song again.


  • During the Delirium World Tour 2016 the tourbus broke in the middle of nowhere and we spent an entire day playing soccer in a parking with Lacuna Coil.


  • On the last gig of the Delirium World Tour, Lacuna coil pranked us stealing all the drums cymbals and putting glue on the guitar picks. We realized it just when the intro was playing and we did the whole show in those conditions. After our set we decided to revenge and we did a stage invasion during their show.


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