Live Review: Ninch Fest


Ninch Festival
Mornington Peninsular

The weather flickered between rain and sunshine all day, but it wasn’t a problem for the festival goers arriving in the gorgeous seaside area of Mornington Peninsular for the annual Ninch Fest.

The day- long event boasted mostly local acts kicking off at 11 am with The Stokers. The boys had a fun set to warm up the crowd and it was onto The Ruby’s to keep things going. As the afternoon progressed and the dancing got more intense, surfie band Bleach took the excitement level up a notch as he leapt off the stage and into the crowd, almost drowning in a sea of beer.

The Slugg managed to cram just about all of their friends, family and cousins on stage for what was a fun set, replete with washboard and just about every music instrument you could think of for some unabashed fun.

The late afternoon saw local boys Pierce Brothers take over the stage in a some what unrehearsed show, the set list improvised, jumping and running throughout the crowd for an amazing high energy thirty mins of non stop excitement.

Not to be outdone, GrindHouse braved the rainy conditions in nothing but speedos, bow ties and confidence. Safe to say it pays to not be easily embarrassed as the band proceeded to pour cold beer all over their nether regions. A pretty solid effort with the temperature below 20 degrees.

The sassy ladies of Lazertits didn’t let the near nudity phase them as they thrashed about the stage, singing songs about women, profanities galore. A fun band the girls had a take no prisoners attitude with the music to go with it.

As the sun set over the trees, Power bought it home for the festival with some rocking tunes and everyone was happy to dance along sans shoes.

The Ninch Fest is a great local festival, that is relaxed and manages to not take itself too seriously. Its a great day to grab a picnic rug or pull up a chair and have a really fun day.

Behind the lens Chris Cohen & Amanda Lee Starkey
Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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