News: OH MY MY Puts love and lust centre stage on debut single ‘ANIMAL HOUSE’

oh my

Bringing together lush electronic soundscapes together with a hypnotic vocal quality that builds in urgency, Sydney’s Oh My My lays down an impressive debut single for 2018 with ‘Animal House’. A fresh and vibrant dose of music from this multi-instrumentalist and producer, ‘Animal House’ positions Oh My My firmly as an artist to watch as these next few months of the year unfold.

Working under the Oh My My project, Sydney producer and songwriter Sam Thomlinson who you may recognise from indie quintet Bad Pony has been able to dive deep into some dark and broody soundscapes, while making music that is bound to get bodies moving and speakers shaking.

Complementing Oh My My’s work on ‘Animal House’ are the vocal styling of Kitrich (James Kitto). Breathy and intoxicating, the fusion of captivating vocals with the track’s otherworldly atmosphere makes ‘Animal House’ an irresistible listen.

‘Animal House’ takes a look at the powerful effects of lust, its hold over others and its mysterious hold it can have over us when we find ourselves in the throes of it. The title is indicative of that little devilish, restless essence Oh My My believes we all have just waiting for an opportunity to break through.

“We are all human. Although we all try to be the best version of ourselves, we all have that little demon inside. We make mistakes, we have struggles, we fight, we argue, we crumble and we fail. Sometimes we do things we’re not proud of. But that’s not who we are and most of us strive to be better. OH MY MY explores these struggles, while still remembering these mistakes do not define who we are. We are defined by our ability to learn from our mistakes and overcome them. I try to explore this lyrically, but also harmonically. This is why the music at times feels settled and familiar, while at others, unexpected or even shocking or twisted.”

As a debut single, ‘Animal House’ deftly uses light and dark sonic tones in projecting emotional depth within the songwriting itself. It also shows that Oh My My is very much at the start of a musical journey that is set to be as layered and detailed as this first offering.

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